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WinCorp Platinum Inc. is Wisconsins #1 Volume Timeshare disposal leader! A Co-op of Timeshare owners just like you! Whether you are looking to completely escape your timeshare or just escape for a relaxing weekend, WinCorp Platinum can help!

Some of the top benefits ALL of our Clients Enjoy

WinCorp Platinum™ members ALL get:
3.   Easy and Simple to book with our friendly staff
4.   PEACE OF MIND! (Your children will inherit the ability to Travel, not a financial burden!)
5.   NO contracts that force you to pay for travel you might not even use!, and NO HIDDEN FEE’S!
6.   Up to 90% discounts for travel.
7.   Free Upgrades.
8.   Travel planning and reservations available over a year in advance.
9.   Superior Access to the most desired locations and suites.
10. Free Guest confirmations.
11. Both Fixed Week and Point reservations available.
12. Go WHERE you want, WHEN you want with WinCorp Platinum! And say goodbye to your never ending timeshare fees!
These are just some of the benefits to the WinCorp Platinum™ program which partners resort owners with our travel clients. Resort Owners Can eliminate the fees associated with their properties while extending their amazing discount and upgrade ability to Other Members of WinCorp Platinum!

We, at WinCorp Platinum, offer these and other benefits through our synergistic and innovative approach of partnering timeshare owners at the highest levels with our WinCorp Platinum travel clients. This method helps offset maintenance fees for the timeshare owners while extending their amazing discounts or upgrades and priority to our WinCorp Platinum clients. No one works harder than WinCorp Platinum to save both TimeShare Owners and WinCorp Platinum clients money!

Contact Us for further information! Or call 608-338-0746! We can save you money in travel, vacationing and more!

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